Sometimes it feels like
I’m always waiting for something.
Something grand and unexpected.

I work daily, with the hope that
Something spectacular will happen
Some day. One day.
And the only thing I can do
Is to dream about it
Every night.

But what if the dream happens for real?
Will my wait in the mornings will be over?
And my dreams at night too?
What will I dream about then?

Well, yes, the mind of a homo-sapien is never satisfied

And I will continue
To dream about many other things.
But will the yearning ever be the same?

I know that, of all the stuff
That dreams are made of,
Some are lost and
Some are ignored.
But that one big dream
Stays forever.

But isn’t that what they taught us all along?
Taught us in the very beginning?
That “Life is but a dream”?

IMG_2283Photographs by: Bric-a-Brac Creations, Prashanth R.


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