A new year. A new dawn!

A New year. A new dawn. 2015.

Movie screening on the huge white wall,
We girls cheer crazily on Thalaivar’s entry,
While we also hungrily wait for the butterscotch cake,
And also the new-year countdown in the PSG Hostel ground.

Embracing Coimbatore’s January chill and Pongal times,
But furious February as reigns of final year project are being pulled,
We try to keep calm during the mad March, trying to live college to the fullest,
Nuclear fission reaction and April is the time when drama goes haywire,
Swinging over to May, comes Farewell time and sentiments fly in the air,
Pride of June is the convocation, us happy with certificates,
Fast like its Metro train, July shifts the scene to Delhi,
August opens a new platform, a new way of education,
In September, we realise the magical world of Katwaria Sarai,
October is the transition of new friends to close friends,
Ever bright Diwali in Salem made a happy November,
Now in December, I’m grateful to all  the sweet nothings and the gems that I have, my family and friends.

A new year. An new dawn. 2016.
Same dreams to run for.
When the old year whispers, ‘It was a crazy ride’.
The new year screams, ‘It will be awesome. Again!

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